Are you interested in learning about firefighting?

Are you 6 – 11 years of age?

Are you willing to experience new and exciting things while learning at the same time?

FIRE CAMP is 5 days of experiencing and learning all about the job of a firefighter.

FIRE CAMP is firefighting, water safety, search & rescue practices, first aid, and much more.

FIRE CAMP is fun, exciting, engaging, and interesting.

FIRE CAMP is an 8hr day local camp that runs Monday through Friday. The camp is dedicated to exposing school age kids to what it is like to be a firefighter with the Gatlinburg Fire Department. Fire Camp is a great opportunity for firefighters to help kids build a sense of teamwork and responsibility. We accept applications from children that are 6 – 11 years of age.

Our Fire Camp is designed to be fun, challenging, entertaining, and educational; all at the same time. We want the children to learn safety lessons about things around their homes and schools that they encounter everyday. They will have short periods of lectures and lessons to endure each day followed by opportunities to actively participate in exercises designed to reinforce what they have been taught.

Their lessons and activities will center on the day and life of a fire fighter and fire and life safety issues but will branch out to learn basic first aid, water safety, search and rescue and many other interesting topics. They will be divided into teams of 5 kids, which will operate as a “fire company” for all of their activities. Each child will get the opportunity to be the “company officer” for the day. Leadership principles will be taught to each child directly and indirectly.

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